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Monday, 4 April 2011

Leeds, Forest, Danny Mills, Small man syndrome and the BBC


With the prolonged lack of activity on this blog you might think I’d have more to write about but following the inexplicable fall out from the weekend’s game against Forest I have more than enough issues to forward my opinion on…

Firstly lets start with Leeds United; Having had two whole weeks to ponder the disastrous performance at Bramall Lane most would be forgiven for thinking that the same United eleven would have started this game with something to prove and set about a team who are evidently low on confidence from the first whistle. However, as is common with the current Leeds squad, they ease themselves into a match and only start to play when the situation dictates that they have no other alternative, conceding the opening goal usually does the trick!

On Saturday though it wasn’t until the second half that Leeds worked out that playing against 10 men is usually an indication to spread the play and utilise our excellent wingers, presumably Simon Grayson pointed this master tactic out at half time, as prior to this Leigh Bromby and Andy O’Brien were seemingly partaking in their own school yard competition of who can kick the ball the furthest!

After this revelation, there was only ever going to be one winner. Most seemed convinced that the 4-1 scoreline  flattered Leeds but had Max Gradel located his shooting boots 30 minutes earlier then it could have been six or seven…

Forest for their part played some decent stuff but I commented during the game that if Leeds got one then The Reds would likely implode. Having had the majority of the opening play they were dictating the game, without really impressing. Although only Leigh Bromby’s shins prevented them from taking the lead and that little intervention resulted in the game’s biggest talking point – Max Gradel cleared the loose ball down the line to George McCartney, as the ball bounced in front of the Leeds man Chris Cohen launched himself into a heavy challenge, taking the ball but sending McCartney sprawling. The challenge sparked uproar on the home bench and in the stands, indeed even the opposing members of staff were involved in an altercation on the touchline.

Television replays show that Cohen took the ball and that both players went into the challenge ‘committed’. The rights and wrongs of the decision will roll on and on (well ‘til Thursday at least). As a fellow referee, I can certainly see why Halsey sent Cohen off, in real time, from all angles, other than that from behind the Forest man it looks like a shocking challenge. Unfortunately neither official or Simon Grayson had the luxury of that ‘perfect’ angle. From my view point, granted 70 yards away in The Revie Stand it looked horrendous. One thing I would say is that if you throw yourself into a challenge at that velocity and with your whole body off the floor then you leave yourself open to the interpretation of the officials regardless of how ‘clean’ the challenge may have been, for that reason you could say that the dismissal was warranted and I’d be very surprised if it was overturned (Despite Steve Claridge’s excellent case for the defence)

Speaking of Mr Claridge I’m can see why he was in the BBC studio on Saturday, as a regular pundit for The Football League show he obviously watches his fair share of lower league action. On the other hand, his fellow studio guest has clearly watched very little. Danny Mills’ summary of the game was seemingly a catalogue of pot-shots at Leeds United, culminating in the ridiculous statement that “Leeds have been decidedly average for two seasons”. Quite how he comes to this conclusion is a mystery, sure when compared to the exploits of Barcelona or even Manchester United then yes, Leeds have been average, maybe even below average! But to tag a team that has just won promotion from the division that it found itself in and then in the following season be in without a shout of a second promotion (not to mention our goal scoring record – just short of 2 goals/game) is just plain stupidity. Quite what Danny Mills’ problem is, is anybody’s guess. However, he can rest soundly tonight having gotten all that off his chest. He can also be safe in the knowledge that despite their average performances, the current Leeds squad have achieved far more in the white shirt than Mr Mills ever did…

Whilst on the subject of hateful little Ba****ds, that brings me on nicely to the subject of Billy Davies. If any psychologist doubted the reality of ‘Small man syndrome’ they need only spend a few hours with this little c**t. Three games against this man’s teams have ended in unparalleled fall-out. His now legendary ‘Job Done” claim whilst manager of Preston resulted in petty, futile claims of vandalism directed at the Leeds staff and fans following his sides defeat in the Play-off semi-final. After the return fixture at The City Ground earlier this season he claimed Leeds were overly-physical and cynical, yet declined to comment on Chris Gunter’s blatant stamp on Sanchez Watt. His post match interview on Saturday intimated that Simon Grayson was responsible for getting Chris Cohen sent off… nothing to do with his teams cynical, petulant approach to a match that they were in control of for the opening half hour. You’d think he learn his lesson, From pissing about on the sidelines trying to provoke the Elland Road crowd just prior to his team losing a man and with it, all hope of three points, to subliminal attacks on fellow professionals. In his head he must imagine that the whole world is laughing at him, persecuting him for his own feelings of inadequacy as is common with small man syndrome.

At the beginning of February, Forest were everybody’s favourites for promotion, after 1 defeat in 10 games they were the proverbial dark horse and were seemingly going to sail to promotion. Unfortunately Billy mistook the plaudits of the football world as an attack on his small demeanour so he opened his mouth again… Davies claimed that his team weren’t ready for automatic promotion just yet… Forest have won just one of their 12 matches since… we are indeed all laughing at you Billy.

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  1. Good blog. Highly deserving targets & well aimed. 'C**t' sentence made me LOL :))

  2. Billy Davies is a annoying man, and I get the dislike for him, but...

    As a passionate man, I think you picking out the Gunter situation.. If I was Gunter and some Leeds c*nt where stepping on my foot I would have punched him! Its completely meaningless to prowoke in that kind of manner.. Im all for physical play, but play it fair and not hide your wrong doings like that f*cking l**ds p*ssy. You know what happened before Gunter retaliated dont you??

    Play hard, play fair. And by the way.. Only Snodgrass would be wanted in our eleven.

  3. and thats why your 7th and were 5th :)

  4. Quote:
    "Only Snodgrass would be wanted in our eleven."

    Fairdues but thats one more than we would like from your team in our first eleven.
    Lets face it you have blown your Automatic chances meaning you have dropped out the top 6.
    Come saturday as you continue losing your bottle and self-destruct to Reading and you can just about say goodbye to the playoffs aswell.
    So you and your little scotch twat of a manager enjoy another season in the championship.
    The littleman said your team can be proud of saturdays perfomance you fucking lost 4-1 lol how can you be proud of losing 4-1.
    To much of the tennant's lager me thinks.

  5. Cloughie was qouted as saying that the original dirty Leeds team won thier medals by cheating and should have throw them in the in the bin, Well you would think some 40 years later that the club would have cleansed it self by now but from what was witnessed on saturday a new generation of cheats has been spawned.

  6. Danny Mills was a nasty piece of work on the pitch and never seemed that popular at Leeds. He had Boyers thug attitude but lacked his talent. He is now a TV pundit who seems to talk utter tosh and looked like he had just got in from a night on the sauce. He has a problem with Leeds and has put himself on the list of x players not welcome at Elland Rd. I am sure he won't give a toss....neither do we.

  7. Cloughie talked a load of shite most of the time. He didn't get that red nose from drinking shandy. I'm sure if you pop into any wetherspoons you will find lots of other clough-alikes spouting 13011ox. If you watched the game with an ounce of impartiality you would have noticed that the reason Forest got a red and several yellow cards was because they were "dirty". By the way Robin Hood was from Yorkshire and he supported Leeds :}


    Nuff Said...

  9. Wonder if that ref Mr Horshit cuddles evey home teams players or just the odd few!!

    Very odd behaviour..... Oh Paul Anderson has bust a rib. Not though one of the homers cuddles i may add? sligh Elbow i think. See you in the playoffs hopefully!! your note special.

  10. Re: nuff said?

    I almost wasn't going to reply to this but... dammit I can't leave it: NOT nuff said. How can you post a still picture and claim that as any kind of evidence? Do you not realise that McCartney is JUMPING? ie: he's on his way up to avoid the flying challenge from Cohen? I actually think Cohen was unlucky to be sent off but as the original poster points out, without that 'perfect' angle, you leave yourself at risk if you make that kind of challenge. The idea that this picture 'proves' something is... sorry... f**king stupid.

  11. Very bitter Forest fans! We've had way more than our fair share of dodgy decisions going against us this season, and the red was debatable by todays standards. I realise you're upset since after the next match you could be out of the play offs, but c'mon, your manager is the one to blame. "We're not ready for automatic promotion" Clearly not Billy!

    Oh and the Cloughie quote is rubbish, Don Revie's Leeds played fantastic football.

    Don't mock the talent in a team that just beat you 4-1.

  12. Do you not think the hug might have something to do with the fact that Mark Halsey has just recovered from a battle with cancer?

  13. never a red card in a million years. the fact is he got the ball cleanly. there is no need for any other talk on it. sadly the ref was too easily swayed by grayson invading the pitch and macartney writhing around after he'd stamped on cohen. dirty? only from leeds' boys, what was bromby doing to tyson if it wasnt dirty? pushing his fist into his throat! cheating scum, shame grayson let himself down as i've always thought he was ok as a man and as a manager but even after the game he refused to admit he was wrong about the tackle. even most of the leeds fans didnt seem to think it was that bad at the time. watch the replay and as cohen slides through onto the ball not one of the fans in the shot complains, as they knew, like all sensible people that it was a perfectly executed challenge.

  14. what on earth are forest fans drinking or snorting. In response to their comments I think the only phrase to describe them is ' bad bad bad LOSERS'

  15. Oh that makes it alright then? I dont wish the big C on anyone, but like the poster said, when your chumming up to the home players before and after the game it dosent look the best especially when.... You have booked 5 away players and sent one off for a ball winning block tackle thay your Eddie Gray amongst others deemed fine, Not even spoke to Home manager for entering the field of play? turned down stonewall away penalty? Gave 2 dodgy free kicks to home side leading to goals. Not sent off home player for grabbing away player round the Throat?? raise your hands and all that isnt it? and "missed" an elbow to the away player that resulted him being withdrawn.....

    As i said dosent look the best does it.

  16. Forest are one of the dirtiest teams in the league, constant niggling on and off the ball, a typical Billy Davies team. So please drop the hypocritical hyperbole.

  17. Ignorance of football law is incredible. It make NO difference whether Cohen made contact with the ball first or not as it has NO bearing on whether the challenge was reckless & dangerous. Halsey was absolutely correct is assessing it as a dangerous & reckless challenge and the sending off was justified. What on earth Forest fans are complaining about is beyond me - they should really be slamming Cohen for making a stupid challenge and possibly costing them the game

  18. In strict laws of this current soft game, Cohen should've been sent off. However, I bet 95% of people reading this would be proud of a tackle like that? The other 5% are probablt goalkeepers. And as for C**ts; Grayson is a fine example I'm afraid.

  19. In real time it looked like a red. With the help of the cameras we see it wasnt. Bad luck forrest it is unfortunately part of the game, a burden we all have to bear at times. All the best

  20. Forest set out to intimidate leeds from the off - obviously fired up by Davies to 'get into them' from the off, hence there wasnt much football played first half. Second half we moved the ball quicker, Forest couldnt get there trips and tackles in, and we walked it, 'Job Done'. And Cohen deserved to go, i can only imagine the pandemonium and headless running around from the Forest bench that would have erupted if a leeds player had executed that 2 footed lunge.

  21. I can only assume all leeds fans are stupidly ignorant judging by these sorts of comments. You won, well done but we all know it wasn't a red card on any level

  22. Forest sent in to try and 'rough up' Leeds by their Mini Scotch Egg of a manager.
    Cohen jumped in from about 2 yards away with his studs showing, had to go. In my opinion a good tackle, but the laws don't allow them anymore.
    Get over it.

  23. Is the Club really proud of its reputation ?,where cheating is the norm and fans who on their travels behave like animals,
    Deep down each and every one of you know that the saturdays result was influenced by the over reaction of Grayson who himself regardless of his press denials Knows full well that He Himself is a gutless blatant cheat ! who no doubt would have recieved Revies seal of approval, thank God we still have morals and still play the game Cloughies way ie HONESTLY !!!!!!!

  24. Cohen gets to the ball first and is then stamped on by Macartney who then claims to be injured!? Doesn't matter where he comes from two yards or two inches, ball won,man untouched play on. Except play couldn't continue as there was a manager on the pitch!

  25. The ref was all smiles with the Forest captain before the whistle if you watch it. Does that mean their captain was in on the alleged corruption?

  26. I agree with all the Forest fans. McCartney should have hurdled the Cohen ankle-breaker kung-fu kick lunge, and said 'After you old Chap' to that lovely Cohen fellow. Its a disgrace that Grayson should have over reacted like he did - he should look to the Forest manager, Squire William Davies, who behave's in a fitting tribute to Sir Brian Clough week after week, with all the good temper and old fashioned decorum of a gentleman player.

  27. I said in real time it wasnt a sending off and that mccartney slowed down and it was confirmed in the replay.

    However you would have to be a complete idiot not to understand why the referee and linesman gave it, the red card has now stood

    i dont think they deserved to get beat 4-1 but we deserved to beat them at theirs and they should have had another red card their.

    as for simon grayson on the pitch he got about 3 inches onto it billy davies bottom lip was on it for the whole second half

    plus after your chants about coming back from europe alive not that any of you could remember it makes the result perfectly justified on today of all days.

  28. I've never liked Forest but didn't really have a reason for it, just didn't like em but having read some of their fans comments on here, I've got a reason. Bunch of whining tossers and bad losers by the sounds of it , oh that and Billy Davies who thinks he's the f**king messiah. Must say really enjoyed beating you and if you make the playoffs (that's a big if now) look forward to doing it all over again.

  29. We are not bad losers mate ,we just cant stand cheating Wankers !!!
    We have never really given a shit about Leeds (youve never won fuck all) but we have now so yes lets hope we do meet in the play offs, lets be honest your fans were shitting their selves even @ 3:1 ........ can you be honest ???

  30. Injustice?

    Blatant handball at Swansea when it was 1-0?

    Bothroyd on Becchio?

    Shocking ref at Portsmouth?

    Leeds have been hammered by refs in recent times. So stop bloody whining, it's a disgrace to football fans everywhere, all this constant bitching.

    Forest's red card was debatable, and certainly not a disgrace.
    It was a stupid tackle, blame Cohen, not the officials. Blinkered ain't even the word..

  31. I am a massive Leeds fan but. If for the full 90 mins we both had 11 men the score would be a lot closer and actually based on our recent form Forrest would have scored first. There where no studs shown by the Forrest player at all but the challenge was 2 footed and the player was air borne, this shows a lack of control and that's why he was sent off. And rightfully so they all know the rules and it's not the 1960's any more. The end score flattered us greatly though.

  32. Learn the rules of football regarding red card offenses in tackling situations.Whether he won the ball or not AS ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING ON THE DECISION,grow up forest you,re acting like a bunch of 5 year olds in the playground.

  33. Don't blame Cohen, blame Tudgay...actually blame whoever picked/signed him.
    If it had been 11 v 11 you may have won or got a point or made good chances but couldn't score.
    If you think you were playing 'the Cloughie way....i.e. honestly' then the honest Cloughie way invloves leaving the foot in, blocking off wingers and trying to wind up the oppsotion.
    From reading all of these comments Forest's manager and fans are well suited.....


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