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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Leeds United's #1 Supporters Forum gets interactive upgrade!

As some of you may be aware, The Dirty Leeds Blog is a close partner of The relatively new 'Dirty Leeds' Supporters Forums. (Some of the more observant amongst you will notice we share the same domain and there are plenty of links off this site to the forums)

Not content with being the most innovative Leeds United Supporters forum on the internet, the 'Dirty Leeds' team have upgraded the board to come in line with some of the most advanced discussion forums around. The message below has the details of the added features etc;

Dirty Leeds will be upgrading its features from June 1st!

Your traditional forum crossed with a trendy, modern networking site
perhaps? Dirty Leeds will now offer such features as comment enabled status
updates, a transparent reputation system (see who has repped you!), fully
customisable artistic profiles, and our personal favourite - notifications!
Be notified of any replies, quotes, comments and updates via your new fully
customisable facebook-esque notifications tab. This means you will never
have to miss a reply to one of your posts again. Added to this, to
commemorate the new all-white strip of Leeds United, the forum takes on a
simplistic, clean look which is proudly more representative of the Mighty
Whites. To quote one of our BETA tester reviews:

''It looks very minimalist like the Leeds kit from 61-75 but it's packed
with features, again, like the Leeds team from 61-75.
The skin also reflects the new Leeds kit which has relatively little colour,
it covers a feature packed site one that is bursting with creativity, a lot
like (we all hope) the new Leeds team for next season.'' 

Don't forget to enter one of our four world cup competitions also. As well
as the World Cup sweep-stake which is £3 to enter (half the proceeds to
Candle-lighters, half to the winner) we have 3 totally free-to-enter
competitions: World Cup fantasy football, World Cup play-money betting and
Eddie's World Cup prediction League. Prizes include a brand new England
strip/Leeds United home kit, copies of 'Dirty Leeds' by Robert Endeacott,
hoodies, cash prizes, and the new book 'Disrepute: Revie's England' also by
Robert Endeacott. More prizes to be confirmed.

Also, if you were unaware, Dirty Leeds now proudly boasts an impressive
collection of match highlights and images relating to Leeds United in its
Gallery which can be found here:

So, stick with this summer for a chance to win some fantastic
prizes, on a board offering the very latest in forum design and innovation.

Dirty Leeds.

Please feel free to join the internet's most advanced Leeds United Supporters forum by clicking the link below or visiting (registration required)

As an added bonus, should you wish to abuse me personally regarding articles on this blog you can find me under username DirtyLeeds (obviously)

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  1. Hi I love the site it is really good.

    R Tash. Wooooopdale.

  2. DirtyLeeds, it's no waccoe thank god


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