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Monday, 21 June 2010

When Karma Strikes...

... No words are needed.

Let me be the first to point out that this is what happens when you spend your whole career serving number one. Eventually it all catches up with you.

A fitting end to the Harry Kewell Story - A Pathetic excuse for a footballer.

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  1. I had the "pleasure" of meeting Harry kewell on many occasions when I worked at a city centre hotel in Leeds,I always found him ignorant,bit big headed and quite rude most of the time I always had this feeling that his heart wasn't anywhere realy and was only in Leeds for the money,I don't even think his team mates liked him his red card couldn't of happened to a nicer bloke,Galatasary is probably the best place for him,vile and heartless!!!

  2. talent. wasted on an absolute twat of a big girls blouse.

  3. just what the wanker deserves his sending off has been the highlight of the world cup so far
    eddie o leeds n proud

  4. got what he deserved the vile heartless no morals bastard!!!

    Jamie leeds fan.


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