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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

“What’s it like to be outclassed?!”


I’m not certain whether it was Leeds who were a class above or if Millwall were having an 'off day’, perhaps a bit of both. Maybe The Lions arrived at Elland Road anticipating the usual physical contest that has become synonymous with this fixture. Either way, United produced a performance that would have caused problems for every team in this division. Sanchez Watt strode around Millwall’s defensive third like he was the only player on the pitch, dropping into ‘the hole’ and neutralising any combative game plan that Kenny Jackett’s side had set out with.

His dribbling ability and willingness to get on the ball switched Leeds from defence into attack in the blink of an eye, complimented by excellent performances from Neil Kilkenny and Jonny Howson, the latter serving up his best attacking display in many a month. United’s midfield four were so good that Jackett switched his side to 4-5-1 after an hour with Jimmy Abdou trailing Watt across the park in an attempt to get a foothold in the game.

It was refreshing to see an opposition team come to Elland Road and have to worry about how they were going to contain The Whites. Too often in the last few seasons the better teams have come to LS11 and passed us off the park, with most of our fans biting their nails down to the knuckle every time they crossed the halfway line.

The fluidity in which United moved the ball in the final third was alien at times, content in previous seasons to hit high balls into the channels for Beckford to chase or Becchio to get underneath has now evolved into a high-tempo, passing game plan that looks for a killer pass to unlock defences. Failing that, we have two genuine wingers who enjoy beating the opposing fullbacks. It all makes for exciting match each time we take to the field.

Credit must go to Grayson who, unlike his predecessor Gary McAllister, seems to have more than one plan of action. Our 4-5-1 formation that we settled into during pre-season seamlessly snapped into a more familiar 4-4-2 after 20 torrid minutes at The City Ground and served us well in what was a ultimately a clinical dismantling of a Millwall side that had been leading The Championship prior to kick off. I’m not going to get overly excited just yet, if last season taught us anything; it’s that the season isn’t over until the final ball is kicked, and although Millwall’s excellent start speaks for itself I can’t help thinking that it was more down to the fact that Bristol and Hull weren’t prepared for their style of play and acute physical approach. However, after 8 encounters in the last 3 seasons Jackett’s men held few surprises for United.

After much fear over the last few weeks about the lack of investment into the playing staff and apparent lack of ambition, it was nice to see that, after all the dust of the narrow opening day defeat to Derby had settled, Grayson has assembled a team that can more than compete at this level. And all this without arguably our three best players…

Finally, it would be stupid of me to pass up an opportunity to gloat about a victory over Millwall. Not because they’re such great rivals, or that it was such a magnificent feat, but when a team continually gets the better of you for such a sustained period (except when it counted in May of course) it’s nice to put things right. Maybe because we’re such familiar foes, the ‘Cup final’ feel has evaporated for the Bermondsey boys, hence their inability to raise their game again… ‘aint that right Jackett?? … you dick!

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  1. Great article, and you're right - Jacket is a dick

  2. haha love the little dig at the end!!! the perfect way to finish the article off

  3. 1 win and grayson assembled a side that can more than compete? Fickle! Whats it like to be outclassed you ask? you should know, we have outclassed you for the last 2 years! We had an off day you had a good day. But im sure when you lot come back down the den, yet again your players will melt in front of our crowd like always. But well done you FINALLY beat us. You say jacketts a dick for calling it a cup final? Well why write an article about one win over millwall? Will you do the same if you triumph over Barnsley and Scunthorpe......i very much doubt it!

  4. Totaly agree with last comment lets see what happens when you come down the Den cant wait to see yous wannabes fail once more Jackets class because he dont have to sign every Mug thats out there your the dick for having the front to make that comment? bring it on cant wait
    is that why you only gave us a 1000 tickets that afraid of us you DICK!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have wrote an article after each game this season.

    I'd respond to the comment above but it's a little difficult to decipher. I think the jist of it is that Millwall are better than Leeds and our fans are scared of their fans.

    jackett's comment regarding it being a cup final for Leeds was embarrassing, and people accuse Leeds fans of being deluded.

    see you at The Den

  6. pople like yo u just make me laugh one win and you think you r the dogs bollox just laughable bring it on!!!!!!!

  7. who you calling a dick u northern mugs, get a life get a job get some style and support a decent team. You get ur first three points against a poor millwall side having an off day and u think youve won the league. Listen simpletons of Leeds you still got to come the Den on the 9th April. You lot still think u have devine right to be in the premiership No chance suckers, ur crap and Leicester can testify that statement.

  8. Millwall scum (not the true Lions fans) raising their nasty ugly heads again I see.

    Look you simpleton morons, Jacket called it a cup tie not the author and yes he does comment on every game.

    The reason that you only get a handful of tickets and have to collect them at the services on the way up is because you're a set of knuckle dragging, 1970's throwback, Turkey loving twats.

  9. Having listened to Jackett's comments and read the match review on your clubs website you seem obsessed with this supposed recent superiority over Leeds. Sorry to bring facts into the argument you ugly, friendless bastards but over the last few years only 2 ties have mattered. We won the 1st on aggregate, you won the 2nd but as we both lost in the final the results were pretty inconsequential in the scheme of things.
    Sorry, Leeds is classless? Simpletons? There's not an an ounce of charisma or a single GCSE in the whole of Bermondsey you bellend.

  10. To knuckle dragger who slagged leeds off,millwall so predictable,playing same football as they did in league one trying to kick every opposition player off the park you wont get away with it here,you are league one side at best,as far only giving you 1000 tickets you dickheads only sold 500 now who is running scared,i have seen your lot at ls11 many times if we dont fight you or the police dont fight you you fight amongst yourselves or wreck your own transport,get back to your caves you dicks,mot.

  11. I suppose you lot are a bunch of angles correct? theres plenty videos of your inbred fans kicking the fuck out of bins?? Don't reckon you lot are angels sure many of your fans sing about the munich air disaster? Yet you all cry when we mention turkey. Dont give it if you can't take it. Anyway now we have left you can take your kids out from under your beds!

  12. I see you attracted a muppet over here. Had a few myself, with one recurring theme; none of them can spell!

    I like to think of myself as a 30 degree "angle" - sharp and pointy! What about the rest of you?

  13. Do we really need McCormack?
    Somma given his chance,could take that division by storm.


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