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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mid-Table Mediocrity – Acceptable? You bet ya!


 leeds shirt 2 leeds shirt

With the promotion-clinching victory over Bristol Rovers now just a very happy memory in the rear view mirror, it is with great excitement, and reserved  expectation that I gear up for the new season.

Season Ticket has arrived, albeit with Jermaine Beckford as the only recognisable player on the front. And despite a major problem concerning a lost season ticket application for a member of my family, that United CEO, Shaun Harvey was good enough to rectify, the arrival of my new home shirt today, completes the pre-season preparation.

With a disastrous performance against League Two Bury, quickly erased by an impressive 5 goal demolition of Hartlepool and an even more impressive victory at SK Brann of Norway. Eight goals and a few injury worries later, spirits are raised ahead of Saturday’s home friendly with Wolverhampton Wanderers and The Championship season opener against Derby County a week later.

This new season holds a strange new attitude, for me at least. For the first time in probably 6 years I won’t be entering Elland Road each week with the belief that defeat is unacceptable. Of course, too many defeats become a worry, but the fact that we are no longer the leading club in the division, in terms of starting XI, squad, finances or wage bill, would suggest that we will be on the receiving end of a few adverse score lines this season. I think it’s important that fans adjust their expectations accordingly… A relegation fight would be classed as an underachievement by all, but mid-table mediocrity is attainable and respectable – Anything above 10th position would be a magnificent season for Leeds United.

Only nine days to go now… watching YouTube clips of the win at Old Trafford and Beckford’s promotion clincher last night, really got me in the mood. Some of the clips I watched can be found on The ‘Dirty Leeds’ Blog YouTube Channel.

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  1. Well the signing of Bruce, 'surplus to requirements' at a club that spent much of last season in danger of relegation, certainly gives the impression that ambition doesn't stretch much beyond staying in the division.

  2. Maybe he's got hidden talent that no one but Grayson (or Merv?!) has ever spotted before. You never know... Or do you?

  3. Comments like that from 'Anonymous' really irritate. SG is bolstering his squad and just because he was surplus to requirements doesn't mean he is poor quality - it may be a case of Roy Keane not being in the same league as SG in managerial terms and maybe Larry can get more out of Bruce than RK did.

    I think mid-table is very much a possibility and I would take a year of stability before the big push, but with a couple more key additions - up front and a hard man in midfield I think he will be within the top ten.

  4. last time we got promoted from this division, we had a team full of cast-offs, and unrated players from other teams in the division!


  5. Bruce has played over 100 games in this division, an international and captain of norwich for a while. + we know other champ teams were interested. He would be a decent signing, not brilliant but solid.

  6. Too true. Wilkinson really messed up when he signed that usless cast-off Strachan didn't he.

  7. It's realistic but depressing. The truth we are - or ought to be - the biggest cvlub in this division by a country mile. There can be no progress unless and until Bates sells up and money is invested to buy players. Sadly, with Jull and Portsmouth crippled and not likely to be buoyed by parachute payments, this would have been the season to go for it amid such a general slew of mediocrity. Only Middlesboro have bought any decent players and they will probably walk it. Fitting they should be managed by Gordon Strachan, who has a good track record of dragging ailing clubs into the top flight by the scruff of the neck!!!

  8. Norwich have spent over 4 million on new players. If only we had their ambition...

  9. I think we'll do better than everyone's expecting. We'll be difficult to beat away from home and good ER form could see us sneak into the play-offs.

  10. I see that some poster get irritated by others' pessimism but we should remember that just different ways of reacting to situation.
    Some people can't help nervousness and horrid, unavoidable pessimism, others can keep up an 'up and at 'em' optimism and faith. It's not that the nervous are on the whole being pessimistic because of wanting get at anyone, they just can't help it. More finger biters than roarers. All supportive - just reacting in different ways to this situation.

    Of course there are the downright negative but that's another thing.

  11. I heard on good authority that Merv the swerve went in for his first day as chief scout with a list of six players to be told there's no money for signings only frees and loanees. The money for Delph has gone offshore by the look of it.

  12. WE have a good committed manager who is making the best of the bargain basement....obviously the frustration comes fropm the fact that Bates has absolutely no intention of investing in Leeds United.... For years now I have tried to keep an open mind but there comes a time when you have to hold your hands up and admit that Bates is not at leeds for any other reason than to make money out of us...... Which is rather perculiar when you consider how old he is.... if i was that old would i really be motived to make lots more money ???? no.... id be more interested in leaving behind a legacy...something lasting.... Anyway until Bates goes Leeds cannot grow and the longer we stay stagnant the harder it will be to attract decent players.


  13. unfortunately so. under Bates, the club will never have any serious ambition. If we ever manage to get promoted, it'll be in spite of him, not because of him.

  14. I'd accept mid-table but am quietly confident of a play-off push.

    The more I see the new shirt, the more I love it by the way. I queued at the store the day it was released I love it that much! On and on...


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