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Monday, 26 July 2010

Who next for Leeds United's frontline?


The past few days have shown change and maybe an air of disappointment, but hope at Leeds United. Jermaine Beckford scored his first goal for Everton on Saturday against Preston and netted another shortly afterwards, linking up well with the rest of his team mates and generally getting positive reviews from the club's supporters. Many had seen David Moyes to be taking a risk with the capture of Beckford, who jumped 2 leagues up to join the Toffees. Beckford also picked up a knock, but it doesn't look to be as serious as first thought. So Jermaine Beckford looks to be settling in well at Everton at this early moment in time. But what about his former club Leeds United?

Beckford placed his name into Leeds United's history, with a sizeable amount of goals during his spell at Elland Road. Beckford was described to be a lightswitch player, on and off with his popularity amongst teammates and fans alike. Beckford secured popularity on the last day, with his goal bringing us back onto target for last day promotion, as he did so many times in the last 3 years. Although we knew he was leaving, we couldn't help but thank him for his services, many a time singlehandedly winning us games when in top form. Many wondered how we would cope without him in a much harder league, but the promises of Uncle Ken's warchest eased their fears for a bit. Apparently, the signing of Swindon's Billy Paynter on a free was common knowledge and it looked at first as if he'd be backup or even the 2nd striker if he did well enough. Paynter scored against MSK Kosice in Slovakia to give United the 1-0 win and impressed many, looking to be a popular acquisition already. But the hunt for Beckford's replacement was still on. Names were thrown about like Jonny Howson in the Under 14 girls league, Billy Sharp and Gary Hooper were the two players Leeds fans wanted most. Shaun Harvey told supporters that we wouldn't make a bid for Sharp as we'd been unable to compete with Burnley for Sharp, who joined Doncaster Rovers a week later for £1.1m, a seemingly paltry fee in this league for a 20 goal striker. Gary Hooper was hailed as the new messiah by many fans, a very popular choice, but ended up joining Celtic today. Which leaves the question, if we haven't got £1.1m to compete with opposition teams for players, how much of the warchest is there? And who is next? Another ride on the free transfer market? Another loan of a youngster that has the potential but not experience to deliver goals? There is options in attack we can use and good ones at that, but the fans want to see a player we know will deliver. Luciano Becchio is a popular player at the club, has a good goalscoring record and now the new saviour, although at times he can hit dry spells of form and is unproven in this league. Paynter looks to be a good signing but can he step up to the level of the Championship and perform well enough for us? Max Gradel is predominantly a winger but has the pace and skill to perform upfront if needs be, although as said, he's much better suited to the right wing. Davide Somma performed brilliantly at League 2 Lincoln and looks ot have the potential to do well for us, but again, he is unproven. As is the case with Mike Grella, who will have to work equally as hard to get the pitch minutes. Neither Gradel or Somma, equally important as one another, will start against Derby due to suspensions so if Grayson wants a striker that will A) Have settled into the setup by Derby and B)Guarantee him goals, he'll have to be quick about it.

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  1. Totally agree...absolutely pathetic how we are getting outbid by Wigan, Doncaster and now second rate Scottish football.

    Looks like we aren't gonna spend a penny here and will have to rough it till Christmas unless some old hasbeen or a kid is brought it.

    Methinks we fans are being let down about keep the faith...we have 2 ferking weeks to go until kick off.


  2. yes I agree with you too....we have spent nowt and cant even stump up a poxy £1m to get someone decent in.

    Was in favour of him but now getting throughly pissed off with Bates and the lack of money.

    What a joke.

  3. Old question but where is all the money? Leeds apparently profitable. Profitable previous year and surely more in during this last year. We need to know what's going on. Looks as though we're being milked. Run as a business where better not to rise too quickly. Solidify increased base income (more TV, more League money etc) and stay up with as little expenditure as possible to get solid return to almost no investment. With money coming in and profit that must be being made, I simply don't believe that cannot compete with other clubs for players for Hooper or even Sharp. I also don't believe that rental for TA is genuine costs and suspect they are part of the milking machine. TA owned by secret associates and deliberate sabotage of council talks when insane not to take up option unless vested interest in not doing so. I believe there IS the money. It's just not being made available and much of it is hidden.

  4. Nice to see you back Mo'Fun!

    Hopefully Grayson has got another 'surprise' up his sleeve... ala McShefferey, but better!

  5. Not going to argue re money but with Becchio we have a CCC level striker, just he isn't a greedy wasteful sod.

  6. There's a certain Senor Raul just become available, he's still only 33!! He's left Madrid on a 'free' today so surely we must be sniffing around

  7. Dont be stupid, Raul!?!
    If he's only 33 and still a decent player, playing for Real Madrid last season, he could quite easily get into a decent premier league club. Payter's a shame, could be out for 8 week's. We definitely need another striker, maybe loan a premier league youth player, Nathan Delfouneso could be a pretty good signing. As for midfield, I think we need to strengthen it up a bit.

    M.O.T !

  8. In your dreams Raul,, get real! Hooper would of been good, Simeon Jackson would of been another great addition too but another that slipped through the net. I am sure SG has something in mind cause if not the fans frustration will be heard hollowing around elland rd at the start of the season and we can do without that to be honest.

  9. Let's face it we're not going to see a new star striker anytime soon and we'll have to make the best of it. If Blackpool can make it into the Premiership with Stephen Crainey in defence I will live in hope.

  10. Being a Leeds fan is so frustrating, I guess we just have to trust SG (shame i can't say the same for Uncle Ken?). As for money, it's all very cloak and dagger and while i would love to see us sign all the best players going, I do not ever want to see is implode under a mountain of debt. It's a shame there is no external investment, a cash injection would be perfect right now?

  11. Did you not detect the sarcasm in my Raul for 'free' message lads? Here's a clue...Schmeichel, Bessone, Collins, Sam, Connolly & Paynter! Ker-ching

  12. We sold Delph to buy TA ... we didn't buy TA so what happened to that money and the compo we got from Everton for poaching that kid .... Bates never intended to buy TA back why should he him and his anonymous cronies will be taking an ever increasing rent for the next 20 odd years and still own TA Bates has stood up in court and said that he has never put a penny into LUFC and no investor will get into bed with him with his past history of dealings .... we will hope to stay up on a shoestring I hope SG has bought himself a motivational dvd to show the squad twice a week now where are my anti depressants

  13. I think we might as well accept that Bates is not going to spend any money. Grayson may well find a last minute free, or loan transfer, but I think the overarching strategy will be to assess how well the team are doing, with the existing squad, at Christmas. Only if we're really struggling, or have a real chance of promotion, will they consider spending to strengthen the squad. Realistically, this is going to be a season of consolidation in which a mid-table finish will be acceptable to Bates whilst he peddles his view of steady progress (and unknown amounts of profit are creamed off by the anonymous owners). We supporters are not stupid, but we're not going to change that. And, to be honest, I'd have settled for this position when we were £100m in debt, in free fall, and also when we were 0-1 and ten men down to Bristol Rovers. Frustrating as it is, the current, pervasive, sense of relief and hope for the future (tempered with most fans' realistic expectations) will buy Bates time - he's not under enough pressure, yet, to spend the money. I hope I'm wrong but I think it'll be another two or three years yet before we're challenging for another promotion. MOT

  14. Matt Derbyshire to Leeds? If you believe Betfair!!

    I was in Greece last week and saw him score an absolute cracker on Greek Telly in a European qualifier against a team from Serbia or somewhere, not sure who, it's all Greek to me.

    I was very drunk at the time so it could have been a tap in. Ha Ha.

  15. No point in spending a million (which is no paltry sum to a club that nearly spent itself out of existence) on Hooper or Sharp if we can get Derbyshire or a prem quality loan in for nothing or next to nothing. Spending money doesn't always win you the league, check man city if you need proof. What we need is team play and team spirit, not just a player to lump high balls to and rely on totally to win us games. Marching on!!!


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