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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Leeds United: The Ultimate Selfish Lover!

A love affair that blossomed in it, and your infancy. It seemed magical and passionate in its innocence. Each rendezvous provided happy memories and fuelled the desire to make this relationship... a lasting one. All seemed well yet there were times when you thought that you weren't getting an adequate return for your efforts but put any such concerns to the back of your mind, just happy to be part of something special. Several years on and those concerns are now tearing you apart, your lover offers you nothing in return for the time, effort, money and love you adorn them with whilst taking every opportunity to break your spirit. There have been times over the years when you thought you were getting somewhere, thought that your devotion was to finally be rewarded only for it to be snatched away at the last second without a moments consideration for your feelings... alas you carry on regardless in support of your loved one in the feint hope that the relationship and adoration will one day become mutual...

Its often said that love is blind and many would argue that more than a handful of Leeds United fans have been blind to the current state of affairs at Elland Road for a while, unwavering support for the club in the hope that promotion would make their hardship worthwhile. However, I'm confident that after last night's debacle; the latest in a series of soul crushing 'performances' few are in any doubt that our club is in disarray. For 'supposedly' the biggest club in the league and undoubtedly the biggest wage bill we lined up for our most crucial game of the season with no recognised full back, a central midfielder at left wing and a 37 year old striker in place of our leading goalscorer (who, rumour has it stormed out of the ground last night after learning that he wasn't in the team). All this for a club those earnings from a lengthened flurry in the F.A. Cup this season dwarf the annual turnover of fellow members in our current lowly rank.

Many suggestions and theories have been put forward for what has set Leeds United on a run of form that has seen just 4 victories since the turn of the year but I think by far the most credible is that Simon Grayson has lost the dressing room! How can the likes of Neil Kilkenny, Andy Robinson or Aidan White have any respect for a manager that clearly has his favourites; How Jonny Howson, Bradley Johnson or Lee Bromby are named in the squad, never-mind the starting 11 is anybody's guess. What do these lads have to do to get an opportunity in a team that is on its ass?? Rui Marques commented a few weeks ago in an interview that we're conceding goals and not performing but the manager seems to have forgotten I'm here... now I'm not suggesting that Rui has the ability to stem the tide but at least use a viable alternative to the system that clearly isn't working. If Beckford did leave last night after learning of his omission whilst the 'golden boys' remained in the squad, can anybody blame him?? Granted its not professional but enough is enough!

Unfortunately its all come too late, we can't strengthen, a managerial change would be ridiculous, the team is in disarray and we're all hurtling head-long into a car crash! Should Leeds United miss out on promotion in May, its time for fans to get used to the fact that we're a lower league club with huge potential and a decent fan base...

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  1. Howson we disagree on, the talent is there, he is an attacking midfielder, Grayson has told him to play deeper ala Batty and because JH has demured without a murmour Grayson keeps picking him. For me you tell him "go do your thing, Kilkenny and others will cover the defensive stuff". Howson is clearly wasting his time watching the ball fly from Bromby to nowhere up front time after time.


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