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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Why does it always rain on me?

As I came home from the match last night, the distinctive feeling of supporting Leeds United was apparent in my veins again. The real Leeds United I knew and loved had come back to hit me in the face, ignore my handshake, piss in my pocket, you know the usual. The feeling before the game was that we'd sing til the final minute no matter what, that the players would bleed for the shirt and that our fightback would begin again after the infamous few games we've played in after the Scum game, all the way back in January. But 'blaming' THAT win over our Norfolk/Nagasaki/Nevada neighbours is the wrong thing to do, all we have to do is look at the performance last night. The feeling of hope and the expectations are always there before kick off, no matter who it is. The club loves to play on it all though, even with this corker just seconds before the teams came out onto the pitch. "Here we go, the 10 game countdown to promotion kicks off with Leeds United vs Millwall!" shouted Ben Fry, with that annoying high pitched voice that makes you wonder if his balls are being trapped in a vice whilst he screams down the microphone. We've been here before. "The 10 game countdown to the relegation battle!" "The 10 game countdown to York away in Pre-Season", whatever the 'countdown', it's only an outlet to make money from the hard working fans. You expect the players, the fans, the representatives of our club to be up for this, make this a cauldron of hate for those chimney sweeping, taxi driving, cockney wankers, but no. Instead, it was bottled. But not sold on in the club shop, much to Ken Bates' dismay. People were discussing that we'd show the country that no matter what the crowd, no matter what the result, we'd keep on singing, keep on supporting. There used to be a time (albeit before my time) when Millwall was a fiesty fixture in the season, whereas now, it's just another bogey team and an excuse for some pissed up chav to wear Stone Island. At times last night, the support was good, such as us going down 1-0, and 'We are Leeds' being sung seconds after. But too many times, the fans had nothing to sing about. Looking at the performance, can you blame them? From the first minute, Millwall looked much more up for it, always fighting for the ball, being aggressive, keeping it simple, eventually getting the job done. We looked weak, lifeless, too keen to pass the ball around and walk it into the net. What last night showed is that we lacked backbone, spine, upper vertebrae, call it whatever you must. Why when we are 1-0 down, do we get Max Gradel on to shoot from 35 yards out? Why on earth does Mike Grella continue to be only on the bench? Why do I go home once again, £30 out of pocket, depressed and angry with my one true love? Too many questions, but too many answers being covered up with the hazy smell of bullshit coming back around.



  1. no sympathy for you mate your recent blogs have been your own undoing recently im talking about the so called one slagging of teams who played us then went on an awlful run, what a stupid thing to go say now look whats happening all those teams are chewing our backside, and im going to be straight here we deserve to be in this league like anyone else does, our player showed that last night, and unless they get some bulls then they will be here next season as well

  2. Great article

  3. I'll be the one to point out that the said article from the other day was written by me but won't comment so as not to detract or go off topic from an excellent first post by a new author

  4. Great article, get across the feeling greatly

  5. I know how you feel , I was totally depressed last night. But at the end of the day, we looked like a league one side. No threat , no concept of kicking the "round thing" towards to "large net thing"
    One thing to mention is people are moaning that we wil be in the playoffs again, well we might not even make the playoffs at this rate !

    We played, fought and earned results in the early part of the season, we need to get back to that pretty sharpish.

    but we seem to be in a very big rut.

  6. last night we looked like wimbledon ov old .high balls from defence instead ov playing proper football

  7. I totally agree that the players have not performed over the last couple of months and seem to have lost their way. But I also feel that as well as asking his players to stand up and be counted, the Manager too should look in the mirror and ask himself the honest question, 'Have some of my decisions on loan players been detrimental to the team'. What must a young, fast, hungry, player on a contract be thinking, when he's sat on the bench and a 37 year old, has been midget, gets a start before him. Or how is a fully fit Marques feeling at the prospect of another defender being brought in. whilst he is continually ignored. Better still, love him or loath him, but is any true Leeds fan going to tell me that Kandol is not worth even a run on the bench. No I'm sorry, but I feel Grayson is starting to over think things, and as well as asking his players to get back to basics, he should start getting back to basics himself. Otherwise It won't be just the team who'll be remembered as a bunch of chokers, but the the Manager as well.


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