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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Tranmere boss joins 'Lucky Leeds' brigade


When I started the Dirty Leeds blog, I was adamant that it wouldn't be a news site or a copy, paste and discuss free-for-all but a small article on Tranmere Rovers' Official website caught my attention. It seems rookie manager, Les Parry has been to the Phil Parkinson school of 'Blame Lucky Leeds if your team is s****!' His post-match assessment of his side's thumping defeat is below;
Les Parry was disappointed with his side's first half display as they conceded three goals before going on to lose 4-1 at home to Leeds United.
The Manager told Tranmere Player: "I think the first half was our poorest performance since we've taken over. It's not as if Leeds scored good goals - a free kick, a penalty, a third poor goal and then the fourth was a boot over the top.
"We had a pop at the lads at half time and I think we were unfortunate to lose the second half. But the first half was a poor performance. It was a comedy of errors.
"I had a word with the referee at half time as I felt the first four free kicks were debatable, the one they got the goal from especially so. But he gave them and we have to deal with them
Not actually being at the game last night due to being on holiday when the original game was scheduled (arrived back just hours before the trip to Old Trafford) I can only go off the replays of the goals I have seen on TV. Quite how Mr Parry came to the above conclusion is mystifying... the quality of the last 2 goals was there for all to see in the few seconds the Sky Sports News editor allowed them. I assume if the 'big boot over the top' had been a wonderfully flighted, inch perfect pass then Jermaine Beckford wouldn't have been able to finish with such composure and style and thus Tranmere would have avoided conceding a goal... and if Jermaine's cross to Becchio had been of better quality Luciano would have been chasing the ball towards the corner flag instead of scoring a splendid diving header. Come to think of it, according to Mr Parry, if Leeds had played better football Tranmere would have won!!

League One seems to harbour a lot of sore losers; Phil Parkinson, Paul Lambert and now Les Parry. Oh and not forgetting the serial lower league bad loser that is Paul Ince, although he lost all credibility with his "It was a close game, between two massive clubs" comment after our win at MK Dons.

Lets just hope we can leave this lot behind come May...

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  1. If you understand Les Parry's comments, they're based on Tranmere's defensive performance, we defended really poorly and all 4 goals could have been avoided had we defended better and properly.

    Fair play, you were by far the better team, hope you get promoted.

  2. Most goals could be avoided if the defending team defended better. Not doing, or being able to do, the job properly constitutes poor play/ability! Obvious really. But the other team have to be better to take the opportunities. Obvious really. So in a nutshell Leeds were the better team and it wasn't luck!!

  3. Bit of sour grapes from their boss, he's watched us put seven past them in two games with only one in reply so it must hurt a bit.

    The fourth goal he describes as a boot over the top was described a bit differently by Sky Sports' match report '...But they (Leeds) moved three goals clear in the 65th minute with an excellent lob over goalkeeper Luke Daniels by Beckford from a searching pass by Doyle'.

  4. Totally agree with the above comments apart from the one 'he's watched us put seven past them in two games...' was it not John Barnes for the first game? Anyway, Leeds have been playing much better lately and getting jack shit, so it is good for us to get back on the winning trail again. We could have promotion pretty much wrapped up over the next two weeks if we show all the pretenders true championship form, about time we shut them all up to be honest. Come on you proud Peacocks!

  5. I see nothing in Les' comments that says Leeds were lucky. He says we were poor and defended badly. Sounds like the usual paranoia of the "big club" fan who thinks his side should be in the top division bt right-"everybody hates us 'cause we're Leeds" - well at least you're right about that).


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