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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ken blinks first??

Yesterday it became apparent that Leeds United had secured a deal to have Leeds' monumental clash with Charlton 'beamed' back to Elland Road's big screen so Whites fans who weren't lucky enough to secure a seat at The Valley were able to watch the game live from The East Stand.

If that wasn't enough excellent news for Leeds fans, the revelation that admission would be free of charge, yes you read that correctly; For the first time in Ken Bates' five years in charge of Leeds United he was going to let a human being who wasn't on the Leeds United payroll pass into Elland Road without them having to part with any cash, property, limbs or internal organs! Just walk in and sit down!!*

*Providing you are a member or season ticket holder and you let the club know you're coming before Friday afternoon, otherwise its £5.

Ken explained on the Official site that it was a 'Thank You" to the clubs season ticket holders and members. Now call me cynical but I remember paying on both occasions to watch Leeds in the play-off games at Carlisle and Millwall in the Banqueting Suite and the Pavilion respectively. Paying to watch Leeds in a glorified living room, where the safety and staffing of such an event was a fraction of what Saturday is going to cost, not to mention that both games were on Sky Sports! What's changed Ken? Has the recent campaign of got you a little hot under the collar? Did you realise on Saturday that the 'vocal minority' is no longer a minority?

Thank you Ken, for your wonderful generosity! although as I am unable to attend do I now get a minor refund on my £450 season ticket?


  1. I think the club have to be applauded for such a move. I'm sure Kenneth will make money from the late comers on Saturday and from the merchandising, but you can't knock a free screening of a game....incredible that people are finding something to moan about from a freebie - you're playing right into his hands if you do!

    If you don't like it, or don't trust him, don't go and give him your money. The same applies to your season ticket.

    Having said that I despise the man and his ethics.. :)

  2. I'm not moaning, if I could make it I'd be there!

    Just find it strange that such an incredible offer (in Ken Bates terms) happens now, straight after the most vocal opposition his leadership has seen

  3. I think it's probably more forward-thinking than anything else. A good bit of publicity like this could be spun out for the next year at least. When the membership renewals (or Bates Tax as I prefer to call it) hit the doormat, he'll no doubt cite this as one of the "many" benefits of being a member.

  4. Nowt wrong with it....Just turn up, have a laugh, enjoy the gesture, buy something from the shop...and see Leeds get promoted.
    Andy (Rotherham White)

  5. Now if he'd jus beam it live to LUTV us expats would be golden

  6. Don't suppose it could possibly be to encourage season ticket and membership renewals next year ?...... We never saw that one coming Pappa S !

  7. Seems like a reasonable deal to me. I guess whatever Bates does will be seen as negative by those of us who wish to shoot ourselves in the foot. I'm not Bates biggest fan but I think he's done a good thing here.

    Clive from Harrogate

  8. great gesture from kenneth.can the man do nothing right,i,ll be down to watch it

  9. Its either decorating or East Stands free ??? No contest we will be there but lets hope the regular burger vans are there so we dont have to eat the plastic ones inside.

  10. Yes what a fantastic gesture putting football on the telly and not charging everyone to watch it.

    Does his genorosity know no bounds.

    Joking aside its nice of him to actually do something for the fans, but at our season ticket prices he should do it every away game lets face it its going to cost them very little to put it on

  11. You can hate Bates all you like, but I for one am fed up with all the negativity around Elland Road.
    I am not exactly sure what his motives are and am not naive enough to think that he is not making money from Leeds, but the fact is we may not of had a football club if it was not for Bates. So put you animosity to one side and support the guys when they need it most!
    The club isn't about ken Bates, it's about the team and us fantastic supporters!!!!

  12. Jesus, you people will moan about anything... It's something for nowt and you still moan... What will stop you moaning? If the club paid you £20 to come, would that stop you? what about £20 and a free Leeds shirt? OK, £20, a Free Leeds shirt and I'll pick you pick you up and drop you off at home, but thats my final offer..... Still Moaning ???

  13. Give Batesy a break FFS.

    I'll be there.

  14. It's not that we're always "moaning", it's more to do with the fact we are sick of this dictatorial regime! It's run like a communist factory! We are happy with the game being beamed back, but we question his motives. We have that right still last I checked! Siji the Sheffield white!

  15. Siji, of course you have the right and no one like the way the club is run at the moment but you just look stupid and ignorant when you moan on and on and on, even when something is given free.

    Let it go, accept the gift and enjoy the game. Moaning will acheive nothing


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