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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Leeds Vs Gillingham Preview


Last 3 Results -

Leeds United

Carlisle 1 Leeds 3 (Becchio (2), Gradel)
Leeds 2 Southend 0 (Gradel, Becchio)
Yeovil 1 Leeds 2 (Naylor (2) )

Gillingham Fc

Gillingham 1 Brighton 1 (Miller)
Millwall 4 Gillingham 0
Gillingham 3 Southend 0 (Oli, Howe, Barcham)

Last time Leeds United played Gillingham, on 19th September 2009, we were 2 points clear of Charlton and easing into this promotion business. 2 goals from the in form Bradley Johnson, one from Jonny Howson and a strike from Jermaine Beckford helped Leeds climb to a 4-1 victory over our Southern opponents and all was well. 6 months on, we're still in the frame for promotion and clawing our way back into it, showing the famous Leeds United 'keep on fighting' mentality. We are it seems, finally getting back on track. Every game is once again being described as the 'biggest game of the season', in relation to our promotion bid. The doom and gloom of defeat to Millwall little over a month ago is being washed dry, but also kept as a reminder to not be complacent in the league. Wins over Southend and Carlisle are finally putting the wheels back on the bus and the expectations of Leeds fucking it up once again are slowly disappearing. This has been the same after many runs of defeat have ended after a win, but now it seems a little more real. Maybe after so many years of mediocrity and underperforming, we will finally be rewarded. Have any of the other promotion candidates had a season as emotionally tiring as us? Top of the league by 11 points at one stage, fucking it up, beating Scum at the Theatre of Wet dreams and our position in the league yo-yoing constantly. Many are calling this game more important than any other this season and it could well be. Millwall, the form team, seem to be slowly taking their foot off the pedal, Swindon are possibly startiing to do the same and Norwich are looking more and more complacent each time a fixture comes up that they're expected to win. We wouldn't dare go and win it would we? Promotion this year has always been the key aspiration to us and this is starting to be shown in our performances. Players are starting to grind down and work again, playing football we like to see.

Leeds' In Form Player ~
Luciano Becchio -
Luciano Becchio was thought to have joined Patrick Kisnorbo on the sidelines after a bad injury at Norwich, but has made an inspirational comeback to the team. After Jermaine Beckford suffered a loss of form, Becchio filled his boots at Brunton Park, disappointing many six fingered urchins, scoring 2 goals to go with the one he scored vs Southend. Becchio is linking up well with Gradel and the workforce between the two is nothing short of incredible. Gradel reminds some fans of ex peroxide wonder Alan Smith and the comparisons aren't too far off. Becchio wins the headers in the air and the ability to find Gradel with them is perfect. Many wondered how the departure of Jermaine Beckford will affect Leeds United, but every cloud has a silver lining.

Gillingham Key Player ~
Simeon Jackson -
Jackson was seen a possible replacment for Beckford, some even thought he was out of our league after Premier League teams sniffed around the Canadian international. Jackson has showed brilliant ability at this level, but it is unknown whether he'd be able to perform in a higher league. His strength and and heading are resemblant to that of Becchio, but with the pace and shooting ability, there is a likeness to Jermaine Beckford. Jackson has had a good 1st season in League 1, netting 14 goals in 38 appearances and many of Gillingham's points have come from Jackson saving them time after time.

Mo's Prediction -

Leeds are in good form, but Gillingham have a brilliant home record. Unfortunately for Gillingham, they also have players injured, so I'm going for a 2-0 Leeds win.

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