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Monday, 8 February 2010

The JPT - What to do?

For my first post I'd briefly like to take you to a world of fantasy and make-belief; Lets imagine that our beloved Chairman, Mr Kenneth Bates actively sought out supporter opinion last Summer in order to keep on board with the fans and the people of Leeds as a whole. I did say it was a fantasy!

So now we're all safely here in this strange and unfamiliar world, let me set the scene;

Its late July 2009, Ken Bates has let it be known that he will 'go with the fans' in regards to this season's Johnstone's Paint Trophy. He lays down 2 options;

1/ Simon and the lads will go all out for the Johnstone's Paint Trophy this season, fielding the strongest possible team in every round whilst trying to maintain a promotion challenge.

2/ Forget The Johnstone's Paint Trophy, success in the competition would be an insult to Leeds United's history. Promotion to The Championship should be the only aim this season.

Now I realise that there are many other options that could be part of our fictitious poll from our fictitious, fan friendly chairman and that in reality Leeds, this season have been somewhere in between the two extremes. That said, I'd have been surprised if, back in August that poll hadn't been 95%+ in favour on option 2. Its no secret that this season is 'do or die' for Leeds in terms of promotion but now we're here, 90 minutes and possible extra-time (hang on a minute, here's Howson...) from a trip to Wembley suddenly it becomes an excellent opportunity. 

Granted, there is no bank-busting promotion or passport into foreign climbs for the victor but there is the possibility to put an honour next to this Leeds side, they always say the first trophy is the hardest! Could a JPT win be the catalyst that spurs this Leeds United team onto greater things? Promotion? perhaps successive promotions?! Its difficult to tell... these sort of fairytale stories only seem to happen to other clubs. I confidently predicted with 2 'Fergie Time' minutes to go at Old Trafford, that if we hold on it will be the result that propels us to The League Title   with a record number of points, record number of goals and Ken Bates for number 10! Ah...!

Personally, I'd like to look at it like I did last weeks replay with Spurs - If we win, great! if not, who cares?!? but it has the potential to have far reaching consequences whatever the result. A Wembley Final to look forward to, without doubt would be great but we're not great at keeping focus around the big games and a win could have a huge, familiar come down. Having said that, one win in nine doesn't sound too great either... What to do?

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