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Sunday, 28 February 2010

"Leeds have F***** it up!"

I have to say I was amused by Town's fans parody of our re-written 'Baby Give it up' chant. Whether they were referring to the game itself, the title race or one of the many situations that Leeds have managed to grab despair from the jaws of ecstasy is unclear. Nonetheless, credit must be given to the cretins who were residing in the stand to the left of the visiting support.

It was far from their only contribution though, even before kick off a 'man' in his late forties, shaven headed and clearly three sheets to the wind, decided to stand on his chair and goad the Leeds fans with some verbal diarrhoea. Safe in the knowledge that there were 100 or so other like-minded fools, stewards and police separating him from his would be victims. This was the same pillock who decided that Robert Snodgrass wasn't going to be allowed to take a throw-in midway through the 2nd half in-case Leeds scored again! Few can blame the man though, if I had to endure a life where I continually felt inadequate amongst my peers and the wife only let me out one afternoon each week, I'd act like a tosser too!

With all that in mind, I have to say my 4th visit to The Galpharm, has confirmed that it and Huddersfield in general is one of the most depressing places in Northern England, grim streets, grim atmosphere and seemingly always grim weather. The football stadium, although infinitely more modern than its surroundings, goes along the same lines - dull, uninteresting and soulless. I couldn't watch football there every week!

The local football fanatics offer little in the way of reprisal either, bitter, deluded and tin-pot (they play music when they score for Christ's sake) perhaps this is what comes from living your entire lives in the shadow of a larger, more successful neighbour. Although I'm not sure Man City, Everton or Spurs fans have succumb to  such failings.

Celebrations akin to becoming the first domestic club to win The World Cup always ensue following any favourable result over their beloved West Yorkshire rivals but after yesterday's 2-2 stalemate, a result that all but rules Town out of the race for automatic promotion I expected sombre faces all round. To my surprise they were still celebrating a result that could prove valuable to Leeds' promotion ambitions. No doubt they will point to the fact they had snatched a deserved point form their most bitter rivals but that mentality is why they're destined for life in League One for a good while yet and probably why they haven't beaten any of the top five teams this season.

As for what all that means in the League One title race, and whether Leeds have indeed f***** it up, remains to be seen but a decent result  was made even better by the chasing pack's inability to register a win a few hours later. Yesterday's result and performance against 'The Galacticos' of Huddersfield could prove to be vital. There is a long way to go still and plenty of strange results will undoubtedly occur as teams buckle under pressure but so far this season only two teams have produced under pressure; Norwich and Leeds!

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