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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Leeds v Oldham - Dirty Leeds Verdict

A very nervous first half display that threatened to go the way of the previous two home games and only really got going after Aidy White picked the ball up in the opposition half and instead of passing responsibility onto a more established first team member decided to run at Oldham's central defensive pair. The first Leeds United player to show any sort of belief in over 2 matches. That passage of play kicked Leeds into life and they dominated the game the more time elapsed. The first goal settled everyone down and hopefully gave a bit of confidence to the front two, who combined indirectly for Becchio's tap in. Credit to Becchio, he had a very mediocre first half but after the goal it was like we had a new player, capped off with an excellent second goal.

It was an improved display, albeit against a very poor side who offered very little apart from their ability to waste time. I'm still not convinced that Jonny Howson has a part to play in our midfield, again last night he only came into the game when the rest of the team had fought to get us in a commanding position. Before the 2nd goal his contributions were dreadful and mostly resulted in us losing possession. I've said it for months, you can count on Howson to have a good game when Leeds are already on top of the opposition but Jonny himself isn't the player to get you to such a position. Although what the alternative is, I'm not sure.

The worst kind of football team 'We're s**** and we know we're s****' so we'll go away from home and waste time from the first whistle in the faint hope of a 'smash and grab'. A truly awful outfit who thoroughly deserve to get relegated, not once did they offer anything that a local Sunday League team would feel was beyond them. Infact, some of the physical defending from messrs Gregan and Hazel wouldn't have looked out of place on a local park. Quite what Dave Penny's game plan was last night, only he knows.

The latest in a line of 'joke' officials. Its as if they agree between themselves before the game that they won't be intimidated by the large crowd and subconsciously go to the opposite extreme. Quite how the referee came to some of his decisions last night is a mystery. As an amateur referee myself I know that occasionally Assistants are told to leave all the major decisions to the referee and just concentrate on indicating the correct direction for balls out of play but to blatantly miss some of the more obvious infringements last night is a true reflection of the standards of lower league officials. Granted Luciano Becchio made a meal of the the incident with Hazel at the end of the first half but how both officials missed the defenders arm around his neck is anybody's guess. Hopefully Saturday's official is an improvement of Mr P Taylor (not sure what the P stands for but you can decide yourself)

Small, nervous and relieved. 3 words that sum it up perfectly. Maybe Ken Bates' decision to label a midweek game against Oldham a Category A fixture had some bearing on the 7,000 supporters who went missing from Saturday or maybe the fact that it was the last of 3 home games in a week and its the end of the month, who knows!? Either way, it was a very poor turn out and with Season Ticket renewal forms set to land on the nearest doorstep at this time of the year its a concern that the club are still fleecing the more casual supporters.

Man of the Match
A toss up between Aidy White and Andy Hughes. I was impressed by White who showed a lot of belief in his own ability and was responsible for getting the team and the crowd on the front foot. Andy Hughes was his usual steady, zero excitement self and kept Chris Taylor very quiet throughout. Incidentally, for a player who Leeds have reportedly been interested in over the last few years his awful display was culminated in his caution for a ridiculous 'dive' midway through the first half - Pathetic player who wouldn't cope with the pressure of Elland Road.
Man of The Match  - Andy Hughes

Seconds after the 'Jason Price is f****** s****' chants the ball falls to the afro-laden striker, 6 yards from goal. He was so concerned about what his celebration was going to be to exact some retribution from The Revie End he forgot to swing his foot at the ball and wasted Oldham's best chance of the night. Cue ironic celebrations from the fans.

A routine victory against a very poor team, we'll have to up it again on Saturday if we hope to leave The Galpharm with anything other than disappointment. I think Grayson should stick with the same team (despite Jonny Howson's failings) in order to regain some stability as I'm still not sure he knows what his best 11 is. If 90 points is The Holy Grail in this division we need 8 wins from our remaining 14 matches - easy right?!

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  1. Keep Aidey White and Andy Hughes in the team for the love of god.


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