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Friday, 14 May 2010

Belated Congratulations to Rochdale AFC

Only now can I offer my home town club the necessary 'well done', almost a month after the event. The thought of 'Dale' winning promotion for the first time in 36 years, although great for them was a bitter one as Leeds crashed at Gillingham the day that it was confirmed and the chance of The Whites matching their achievement seemed to have gone. The prospect of Leeds United playing literally 200 yards from my front door was not a welcome one. Although parking and travel expenses would be minimal and I have several friends within the club, the inevitable 1-0 defeat on a cold November night would never be lived down.

Thankfully all that is now academic and I can return to wishing them well during their first season in League One. Hopefully a back-to-back promotion is on the cards, I can live with a Rochdale v Leeds United fixture at a level that is more a result of Rochdale's success than Leeds' failure.

Having been in attendance at The Play-off Final in 2008 against Stockport, a whole 24 hours after watching Leeds lose to Doncaster at Wembley, I know how much it means to my many 'Dale' friends. I also know that many of them where rooting for Leeds to fail in their quest for promotion, in hope of a day out at Elland Road but we'll let that go.... for now.

Well done to Dale's manger, Keith Hill. Hopefully he can bring some of the success back to the Town and Spotland in particular.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. As I also live only 200 yards from Spotland on Rooley Moor Road and the though of being in the same league as them had me feeling queasy. Glad the Dale were promoted at last but thank god we went up as well.

  2. Don't wish to be picky but it's 41 years since the last promotion and Keith Hill has already brought some success to Spotland with this massive achievement.

    Up the Dale!

  3. as a leeds boy born and bred i couldnt give a hoot if rochdale got promoted or not it's just another lancashire club to me


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