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Friday, 28 May 2010

Jermaine Leaves a Hero!

In another decade, fans will look back on Jermaine Beckford’s time with Leeds United as fondly as we do that of Gordon Strachan. Jermaine didn’t operate at, or reach the level that ‘wee’ Gordon did, but his contribution to the resurrection of our club cannot be underestimated. Gordon dragged a Leeds United team from the depths of Division 2 (The Championship) to the crowning glory of English League Champions, through sheer determination and no small amount of ability. Jermaine on the other hand, scored goals, lots of goals… 85 in 150 appearances not only stopped the downward spiral that the club found themselves in but eventually propelled them back up to The Championship for their first promotion since Gordon Strachan held aloft the Championship Trophy 20 years ago…

Jermaine’s time at Leeds was not all plain sailing but I think its best that all the negativity surrounding his attitude, temperament and work rate be forgotten, for now. His contribution to the Leeds United cause has been matched by very few.
The scorer of two of the clubs most  memorable goals in modern history. His finish at The Stretford End at Old Trafford back in January, etched him into the chronicles of Leeds United history, for he scored the goal that meant League One Leeds dumped the English Champions out of  The F.A. Cup in their own Stadium. I’m very proud to say that I was one of the 9,000 Whites that witnessed that, and the subsequent celebration first hand.

His promotion-clinching finish against Bristol Rovers should mean he keeps his Leeds United legend status for many years, how many players have failed recently in the number 9 shirt of Leeds? Snapped up from non-league for 45,000, he owes our club nothing and his imminent move to Premiership Everton should offer hope to all those budding stars in this country that fairytales do happen. You can make it, if you’re good enough!

Unfortunately at this present time Leeds United can’t retain talent like Jermaine’s but we can thank you for your goals.

Good luck to Jermaine Beckford.

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  1. I fully agree. I have been far from Beckford's biggest fan but nobody can question the importance of the goals he has scored for us this year regardless of his attitude. Good luck Jermaine, hope you stick a few more past scum next season!


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