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Monday, 10 May 2010

Leeds aim for top spot!


Not usually one for regurgitating news, this is a bit of a novelty. A novelty in every sense of the word...

As posted on the Official Site, Leeds are releasing 'Marching on Together' as a single - Get it bought!!

Article in full
Our club anthem Leeds, Leeds, Leeds (also known as Marching On Together) has now been digitally re-mastered and is being released worldwide in 35 countries and in over 500 digital stores on Sunday May 16 as a Digital Download at 79p on iTunes.

The charts are now compiled on a Sunday to Saturday basis so fans are urged buy the track by Saturday May 22 in the hope of securing a chart position the following day in the charts that are compiled by the Official Charts Company and broadcast on most radio stations nationally every Sunday.
The track sounds amazing. It sounds like it has been dusted down cleaned and had a damn good polish to a perfect mirrored shine! State of the art technology has been used to bring out frequencies top bottom and mid range and various software has been used to enhance instrumentation on the original recording so it sounds far more superior than the original release 39 years ago.
This modern technology was not available in 1972 when it was first released has given the original track a new lease of life now you can hear this classic anthem that has stood the test of time like you have never heard it ever before!
If over 10,000 Leeds fans buy the track we hope to be in the top 10 by The Official Charts company!
Over 10,800 fans already pledged to buy the digital download on a facebook fansite put together by fans titled "Celebrate Promotion by making Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, ( Marching on Together No 1.)"
If 20,000 fans buy the 79p download on the first week of release on iTunes, Leeds, Leeds, Leedscould sit at the top of the charts.

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1 comment:

  1. Everyday, we're al gonna say,
    We love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
    Everywhere, we're gonna be there,
    We, love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!
    Marching On Together!
    We're gonna see you win
    na na na na na na
    We are so proud,
    We shout it out loud we love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!


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