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Friday, 14 May 2010

"We're not goin' to Wembley!"

As we bask in the glory of last Saturday and re-run the adrenaline rush time and time again with the hundreds of YouTube videos of that glorious day, its worth remembering that several times last Saturday we were languishing in the dreaded play-off berths.
As Mikkel Anderson, Bristol Rovers' goalkeeper, was misjudging his throw into Jermaine Beckford's forehead, The Mighty Whites were in the gut-wrenching 3rd place - 2 points behind Millwall. In a very simplistic view, had any one of the following mis-kicks not gone in our favour, today Leeds and their fans would be nervously getting ready for an early morning trip to The Galpharm, to face Huddersfield Town in a Play-off Semi-Final first leg (with the return leg at Elland Road next Tuesday night) - the worst possible climax to a season that promised so much. Anybody who has kept half an eye on Leeds United over their time in League One will know that trips down the A62 usually reap very little, and Leeds come up against a Town team raising their game for a bi-annual cup final.

It is with that in mind, and a smug grin on my face that I will settle back over the next five days and watch Huddersfield, Swindon, Millwall and Charlton battle it out for a place, along side ourselves and Norwich in The Championship. Judging by the drama of The Championship play-offs this week, the end of season lottery is quite a spectacle when you don't have a vested interest but a nerve-shredding nightmare when your team is involved... Lets just thank our lucky stars that we're not going to Wembley this year!

For the record, Dirty Leeds are hoping for Swindon or Charlton to successfully return to The Championship.

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  1. Certainly will be good just being able to sit back and watch the playoffs with no stress. Don't think I could of taken much more lol. Wouldn't mind seeing Town go up as it's always a game I look forward too. Enjoy the local rivalry. One thing is for sure........ I hope they stuff Millwall tomorrow = )

  2. Totally agree. I have been to all play off finals, even the one in Cardiff. When you see Mighty Leeds turn up as a force to then lose against a team that couldnt even fill there allocation of tickets, it has got to be one of the worst feelings ever. What a sense of relief that we have't got to endure the stress levels as the teams above, and we can start to plan our season in the Championship early. LLL

  3. 'Raising their game for their bi-ennial cup final'
    11000 extra plastic Leeds fans turning up at Elland Rd for the West Yorkshire Derby whereas Town didnt sell their allocation.
    Whose Cup Final????!!!!

  4. Sorry I thought for a moment there you were using the fact that your support is so bad you can't even fill your allocation for a stadium 20 miles away to have a dig at Leeds but that would be so stupid no one in their right mind would do that.

  5. I hope swindon go up,best result of the season was southampton 5 Huddersfield 0 shocking laughed all night!!

  6. Our support is average, no better or worse, for a town the size of Huddersfield. Given that you are based in the biggest city in the UK which only has 1 team to support I dont really think Leeds fans are in a great position to moan about lack of support.

  7. Noone is moaning about lack of support except you?!?! You didn't sell your allocation. Ours is just far, far superior to yours. And Leeds isn't the biggest city, that would be London. Leeds are fourth.

  8. Pound for pound, difference in size ratio of L***s & Huddersfield, the terriers support puts your support to shame. Our players put your boot and rush hopefuls to shame on the pitch too. Will L***s ever swap the dirt, filth, cheating, bribing for attacking flair and entertainment???? Nah!!

  9. er actually if LUFC ticket prices were as low as duddersfield we would sell out - i have just bought 1 adult and 1 jnr season ticket for my wife and younger son cost at ER £778 - if I was sad enough to go to the pigfarm it would be £320 - nuff said

  10. Hudd***field, get back in your box and enjoy life in League 1 next year. I will stop waving out the rear view mirror in a minute ta ra!

  11. why are we even bothering about huddersfield,we'll probably never play them again they've had their cup finals with us for the last 3 years and their 5 minutes of fame enjoy life in league one and your home crowds of 9000 shit club shit town and very shit against southampton !!

  12. Nice post and perhaps yes, we were a bit lucky but don't forget all those times in the season when bad luck struck. For example the last 10 mins at home against Brentford when the ball just wouldn't go in, the 89th min goal against us at Norwich, the first half hour of madness at Gillingham and of course if we hadn't let Sodje go after his loan spell last year we wouldn't have been denied a draw in the 87th min at Charlton. If it wasn't for some of those incidents and many more similar ones throughout the season maybe we we wouldn't have been in a nail biting finish.

  13. whats all this L**ds Bullshit? seriously grown a dick an just type LEEDS...retards.
    Also, you say huddersfield are our Cup final??
    sometimes there are reasons why crowds don't turn up..and thats becasue they predict DEFEAT. thats right...all you "town" fans didnt have the bollocks to watch the mighty whites becasue you were afraid it would be a waste of money to watch your team
    However!! Im from Birmingham so i cant say i hate huddersfeild becasue im not local. But i fuckin hate thats they must'v done somethin wrong. Partly the fact they think they are Invincible. On and off the pitch. If you were to ask me what i thought they were on and off the pitch...i would say they are Cunts :) do us a favour let them fuckers have yet another year in tht shit league..

  14. Just over 14,000 for a Play-off semi-final says it all really...


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